2004-2012: the transits of Venus


This page reminds us the sites of observation of the transit, which have been accessible to the general public

Sites of observation open for people without any instrument for observing the transit.

  • Meudon observatory, place Janssen in Meudon (Hauts de Seine): solar tower, siderostat, telescopes.
    For groups, please contact Mr Hellier at 01 45 07 77 43.
  • Paris observatory, entrance on 98 boulevard Arago, Paris 14ème: siderostat, coelostat, telescopes.
    For groups, please contact Mrs Lautier at 01 40 51 23 01
  • Grenoble observatory, , at the university, amphi Louis Weil, parvis de la bibliothèque universitaire des sciences. Stop tram B : terminus.
    Free entrance, without reservation. For school groups, please call : 04 76 63 55 11.
  • Marseille-Provence astronomical observatory (3 observing sites on June 8); for any information : please, click here.
  • Lyons observatory, Saint-Genis-Laval: open on June 8
    (see the web site here).
  • The observatory of Besançon, in collaboration with the Association Astronomique of Franche-Comté, organized a rendez-vous for the transit of Venus , on June 8 from 9h to 13h30 in the garden of the observatory.

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