2004-2012: the transits of Venus
Analysis of the images of Venus in front of the Sun.

You may have taken images of Venus in front of the Sun. We also open a database gathering images of Venus in front of the Sun, in order to use them in the future for educational purpose. If you wish to analyse these images in order to determine a value of the Astronomical Unit, please follow the next procedure:
  • the useful images should be dated in Universal Time (UTC) within one second of time.
  • then you may measure the distance between the center of Venus and the center of the Sun following the instructions provided in the educational sheet n07.
  • another method to determinate the distance between Venus and the edge of the Sun is to send the image to the center of analysis of the images of the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Prague-Ondrejov observatory.

last update: January 9, 2008
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