2004-2012: the transits of Venus
Calculating the Earth-Sun distance
The observation of the transit of Venus provides the opportunity to recalculate the distance Earth-Sun known as "astronomical unit". Several methods are available at several levels of difficulty.
  • understanding the principle of the calculation
    The first step is to understand the principle of the calculation.This principle is explained in the information sheets n04a, 04b and 04c. From these sheets, it is possible to build an algorithm of calculation. This is not simple and it will be easier to use the information sheet n05a providing a simplified method with examples. The building of an algorithm is then possible. The information sheet n05b provides some formulae easy to use in order to be able to calculate the astronomical unit from two observations made from two sites.
  • calculating yourself the Earth-Sun distance
    We propose to two observers located on two different sites to calculate themselves the astronomical unit using their own observations. The information sheet n05a and the formulae of the information sheet n05b to be followed line by line allows it. The search for far correspondants may be made through our correspondant page. Attention, the sites of observation should be chosen carefully as it is explained in the information sheet n06.

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