2004-2012: the transits of Venus
Books, booklets, CD Rom and documents on the transit of Venus
  • A book dedicated to the explanation of the calculations of prediction of this event is now published. The prediction of all the transits from -2999 to 3000 are provided together with the history of the measurements made in the past. Informations are provided for safe observations of the event. A chapter is dedicated to the detection of extra solar planets thanks to the observation of transit in front of the stars. The summary of this book is available here. One will get all the information to obtain this book by clicking here.
  • A CD Rom providing the fac simile of the texts written on the voyages made during the XVIIth, XVIIIth and XIXth centuries for the observation of the transits of Venus is now available.
  • A CD Rom describing the activities performed on June 8, 2004, providing the images made during the transit and explaining how to calculate the Astronomical Unit through the observations of the transit is available ( click here to get the homepage of the CD Rom presenting its contents -in french-).
    In order to obtain the CD Rom, please send an e-mail to vt2012 (at) imcce.fr.

 last update: May 9, 2012
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